Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Human Resource Role In Results-Driven Knowledge Management

A workshop entitled “The HR Role In Results-Driven Knowledge Management” will be presented on June 9, 2009, sponsored by the AAIM management association of St. Louis.

We live in a knowledge-sharing world, and this fast paced four hour program will introduce participants to why knowledge awareness is vital to organizations of every size, and effectively managing it will lead to cost avoidance, savings, improved efficiency and continuous improvement. There is a strong social element to managing knowledge and the human resource function can play a very active part.

To make arrangements to attend this workshop, contact AAIM via the Internet at, or by telephone at 314-968-3600. Not going to be in St. Louis but like to know more? The workshop can be brought to you and your organization by contacting

The workshop facilitator is Gordon Walter, SPHR, who has a background in both human resources and knowledge management. Gordon is currently Managing Member of GENESYS Management Company, LLC, and

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