Saturday, April 4, 2009

Professional Resumes – Best Left to Professionals

Anyone can write a resume, but not everyone can make a good and professional resume. Many agree that creating the right resume is a difficult task with a lot at stake. The resume is a person’s first impression to a potential employer who may be looking through hundreds of resumes to fill a position. Your resume needs to get noticed, impress, and cause them to remember it. Your resume is a first impression, and you do not want it to be the last.

Selling Yourself
A job seeker must think of themselves as a product and, like a product, needs to be presented in the best possible light in order to be “purchased” by a potential employer. It is hard for some people to talk about themselves, let alone sell themselves to others. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to get over this inhibition when writing a resume. You need to see yourself as the best person for the job and not be afraid to say so.

Best Foot Forward
Seeing that your resume can either open or close the door to the career you want, you should consider hiring someone who makes resumes their profession. Think of it this way. When you want a portrait, you go to a photographer. When a company wants a product brochure, they do not print them on their Lexmark, they hire a professional printer and designer. They do this because they want it to look good and make the best impression. Professional resume writers know how to sell you and how to write the resume to get noticed. This is an art that not everyone understands. Having someone who knows which information to present and the format to present it in takes some of the stress off of you and helps get an interview and the job. Think of a lawyer. If you were being sued, would you represent yourself in court? Probably not, because you do not know the proper etiquette and rules required in court to best present your case. The same applies with resume writing. Since you are not an expert, why not get an expert to write it?

Positive Difference
Professional resumes can be the difference between someone getting the job they’ve always wanted versus their resume residing at the bottom of a large stack of paper. When an employer sees a professionally written resume they see commitment to quality. They see an effort taken by someone to look their best and who takes the same approach in work. Employers will also see specific information they are looking for. When someone has a lot of experience and it is difficult knowing what experience to include. Sometimes the individual has experience they failed to consider, but a professional resume writer knows to ask about. Professional resume writers know the most effective information needed and words to use.

Cost of a Poor Resume
Employers look for professionally presented resumes when processing the high volume of resumes received. They “weed out” resumes with poor presentation, those without needed qualifications, that have grammatical and formatting errors, or are simply too long. This work may be done by an assistant to the hiring individual, or not even by a person at all. Many companies use sophisticated resume screening software to greatly reduce the number of resumes available for review by staff members. A professional resume writer understands the process and knows how to present you in the best possible light. They make sure that your resume gets to the top of the pile. It may cost a little more to have your resume crafted by a professional writer, but then again, how much will it cost if you do not get the job?

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