Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Advice For New Managers - Develop A Vision

The term “vision” has become a haggered cliché. It can mean everything or nothing. It is often used to describe the high-level objectives leaders want to achieve, and other times is actually a mission statement. Often these are but slogans or lists of desired objectives or “values” that are put up on the wall and left on tables in the lobby, but do not impact behaviors and attitudes. A vision is a vibrant mental image that depicts your view of the desired future state of the organization in an inspiring way. It is not a statement of mission, a set of objectives, or a list of values. It is a word picture of what will be seen, heard, and felt when the organization fulfills that mission, and achieves results. It’s about the culture, environment, and values. If it’s not inspiring, then it’s not a vision.

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