Friday, November 7, 2008

Advice For New Managers - 1. Understand Who's Who

The interviews went well. You succeeded in answering all questions and convincing a new organization that you are right for the job. Time has flown, and you are now behind the desk in your new office, in a new environment. The decisions you make during your first few months on the job will have a decisive impact on whether you ultimately succeed or fail. Your transition period is a time of opportunity, but also great vulnerability because you may be expected to change the organization in fundamental ways. Following is the first in a series of six guidelines to help you create momentum toward success in your new assignment.

1. Understand Who’s Who

To transform an organization, new managers must gain the support of internal and external groups. Influential players must perceive it to be in their interest to help realize your goals. You must begin to identify them and at least begin to gain their support during the transition. Doing so lays the groundwork for building coalitions to drive key initiatives. It also enables you to decide whom you can count on; who you need to invest time in winning over; and who you need to confront. Typically, a relatively small percentage of others will be either very supportive or very opposed at the outset. Most will be between these extremes. Neither strong supporters nor staunch opponents, they will be undecided and therefore persuadable.

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