Thursday, March 13, 2008

Writing Your Best Resume - Make It Reader-Friendly and Persuasive

When writing your best resume, it must be usable, reader-friendly and persuasive.

When writing your best resume, remember to always think about your audience. Consider your readers based on their: expectations; characteristics (Who is the reader?); goals (What are your readers planning to accomplish?); and context (For what type of situation do readers need this information?). Be sure to identify information your readers will need and make that information easily accessible and understandable.

Workplace writing of any kind should be persuasive. The writer developing their best resume must have a persuasive goal: to get a job interview. In a similar manner, someone writing a report almost always needs to persuade someone to take action. Workplace writing, since it's persuasive, must keep in mind: Purpose (why the document is being written, the goals of the document); Audience (who will read the document); Stakeholders (who may be affected by the document); Context (the background in which the document is created).

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