Saturday, March 22, 2008

Writing Your Best Resume - Favorite Things

Here are my favorite things to see included when preparing a great resume:

  • One page in length (generally), and I prefer no more than two pages in most situations.
  • Neat appearance. Use bullet points as needed. Save room for white space. Make it readable.
  • Provide an honest assessment of skills and experience.
  • Make it concise and use good action-oriented words (e.g., developed, handled, organized, created, etc.), when describing experience.
  • Ask someone to check your resume and be sure they really critique your work.
  • Include name, address, phone number, education, and experience.
  • If re-entering the job market or beginning an entry level job, claim the experience you actually have achieved. Experience can include such things as:

Lawn Care/Snow Removal
Newspaper Delivery
Volunteer Work
Working for relatives

  • Create a list of awards/honors received, along with information for at least three references, and set aside to use if requested.
  • Depending on position, include a personalized cover letter stating reasons qualified and why desire that company.
  • Follow-up resume by phone to show interest.

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