Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Writing Your Best Resume - Putting It All Together

WRITING YOUR BEST RESUME – Putting It All Together

Up to now, you have selected the best approach (chronological, functional or a combination of the two), and have defined important elements in your resume. These elements are:

· Job Objective (Stated in a clear and concise manner).
· Qualifications (Brief, honest and to the point).
· Relevant skills and experience (Emphasis on “relevant”).
· Work History (Frequently presented in chronological order).
· Education and training (Includes formal programs and certifications earned).

Assemble the five elements of your resume and type a draft.

· Omit anything personal and unrelated to your Job Objective (age, marital
status, height/weight, hobbies, etc.).
· If possible, omit the details of less important past jobs that create a less favorable image.
· Keep resume to one page if you can.

If your resume is on two pages:
· Present your key points on page one (job objective, skills, accomplishments).
· Use page two for the work history and education.
· Always write your full name plus "page two" at top of second page.
· It is sometimes helpful to write "continued" on page one.
· Print it on two sheets of paper, and don't staple them together (permits the two pages to
be placed side-by-side to view the whole resume at once; also the staple makes an
unsightly lump in envelop).

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