Thursday, February 21, 2008

Writing Your Best Resume - Do's

Writing Your Best Resume – “Do’s”

Since the resume is a key tool in finding a job, extra time spent preparing it is time well-spent. In fact, some people update their resumes on a regular basis. Following are some important must do’s when writing your resume.

Resume Writing Do’s:
· Write your resume on standard letter size, white or off-white paper.
· Write your resume with plenty of space between paragraphs, and allow for adequate
· Use conversational English. Stay away from multi-syllable words when a one or two syllable
word is clearer, and no “slang.”
· Only use short paragraphs: nothing longer than five lines.
· Make sure the resume and the cover letter are completely error-free. Proofread the resume
yourself, and ask others proofread it also.
· Write your resume for a specific job or company, if applicable. It is more work, but often worth
the effort.
· Include some significant contributions from each job.
· Allow more space for most relevant jobs.
· List memberships with professional, trade and civic associations, if appropriate.
· Keep a permanent file of achievements, no matter how small.
· Give your references a copy of your resume.
· Send a brief, customized cover letter with each resume.
· Send your resume by overnight mail if applying for a high salary position.
· Re-read resume before the interview to refresh your memory regarding key points.

There may be other Do’s that are pertaining to specific industries.

Watch this space for things you must not do if you really want to write your best resume.

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