Thursday, February 14, 2008

Writing Your Best Resume-Don't write a bad resume.

Sometimes it is worth stating the obvious: a good resume alone can’t get you a job, but a bad resume can stop you from getting the first interview - and without that interview there's no chance of getting the job.

Some of the new rules for better resumes start with the fact that there are fewer rules. What tends to work today is a more conservative style and focus on key achievements (especially those of particular interest to the employer).

Getting a career job is more competitive than it used to be. The best jobs require more specialized and diverse skills than ever before. Remember what interests an employer for one job may not fit for an employer offering a different job. This is why it is essential that people who qualify for several different types of jobs have different resumes for each one. Each resume should be accurate and truthful, but highlight different strengths related to open job.

Watch this space in coming days for some reality-based resume writing do’s and don’ts.

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