Sunday, January 27, 2008

Writing Your Best Resume - Part One


Once you have selected an overall approach to writing your best resume, you need to spend time on defining several foundational elements: work history, education and training, and defining your job objective.

Work History. An important first step to writing your best resume is to create a "Work History List." It is important to keep in mind that not everything on your list will necessarily appear on this version of your resume. For positions that are paid and volunteer, list the dates started and ended, your job title, and the name and city of the company or organization. All such positions listed should be in chronological order.

Education and Training. Compose an Education and Training List, which should include :

1. The schools you attended, with all dates, degrees, and honors.
2. Additional study in your field (e.g., classes taken, workshops/conferences attended, along with other informal learning).
3. Certifications: Note any professional certifications achieved (e.g., Professional in Human Resources-Society for Human Resource Management, etc.).
Job Objective. Write a clearly stated Job Objective, using a minimum number of words. The objective statement should answer the following questions: What do I want to do? Who or with whom do I want to do it? Where do I want to do it?

With this completed, you are well on your way to that best resume. But wait, there is much more. Watch this space for important next steps.

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