Sunday, January 20, 2008

Writing Your Best Resume - Combination Approach


Combining the two approaches recognizes inherent drawbacks of both the chronological and functional approaches when used in their purest forms.

The pure chronological resume runs the risk of being too dull; a boring autobiography of work. Even; if it is descriptive, it may not be persuasive about personal qualifications.

The pure functional resume can be too free-floating and read like a set of statements about abilities that are not linked to verifiable sources of confirmation.

Whether you prefer the chronological or functional approaches, a really effective resume often blends the best of each.

The Chronological/Combination Resume:

This format retains the structure of a job-by-job outline of experience and emphasizes accomplishments, the foundation of the functional resume.

The Functional/Combination Resume:

This format retains the structure of key skills, knowledge and accomplishments, incorporating an EXPERIENCE section, which shows career-related time/space anchors, the foundation of the chronological resume.

After deciding on the right format, the way to organize the information is equally as important.

Watch this space for some guidelines to assist you in creating your best resume.

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