Sunday, December 2, 2007

#8 of My Top 8 Behaviors for a Winning Interview

Many hiring managers say they can often tell if someone is the right fit for his or her organization just minutes after the handshake. In a recent Robert Half survey, executives said they typically form an opinion of a candidate within the first ten minutes of an employment interview. With such a short amount of time to interact with a hiring manager, what can the candidate do to achieve a positive response?

I believe there are eight things a candidate for employment must do. No matter what position level or career experience, these doing these behaviors will help a candidate get an edge over the competition. Starting in reverse order:

8. Smile. I know for some people this may be painful, but a ready smile says you are confidant and positive. Being positive goes a long way toward convincing the interviewer that you're right for the job. Consider whether you're making any common nervous mistakes (e.g., such as rushing your responses or not listening to the full questions), and adjust your communications as necessary. Many employers want positive people. They are nice to work with and customers appreciate them. A smile says you are that person.

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