Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Future Trends In Business

Dr. James Canton, Chairman and CEO of the Institute for Global Futures listed his "Top Ten" list of trends in business. They are listed below with IGF permission:

  • Business and technology are fusing into one system, one conversation, and one strategy for one world.

  • Innovations are about new business models, new leadership and knowledge engineering.

  • Formation and networking of knowledge that creates results, is the true asset of the 21st century.

  • The ability to capture and analyze customer information about products/service use, needs, wants, and behavior will lead to bottom line business results like never before.

  • Customer touch points are becoming integrated across all channels.

  • Organizations will thrive based upon their ability to understand trends in technology, society and the marketplace.

  • Disruptions are coming in the forms of emerging markets, electronic communication, security breeches and changing customer demographics.

  • Human capital, the value of talent, will be the most valuable resource.

  • Entirely new industries will be formed by innovations yet to be brought to market, including breakthroughs in health enhancement products and on-demand supply chains.

  • A new kind of leader will emerge that is aware of how to attract talent, manage innovation, set high visions, and execute profitability.

    If these observations prove true, what role do you see for human resources in the future? What may be different for human resources? Where does it fit?

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